The renowned Swedish sculptress and medal artist (Ms.) Kerstin KJELLBERG-JACOBSSON,has recently (autumn 1999) accomplished a new work of art,acast medal on Raol WALLENBERG.
The initiative is her own. As artist she has devoted herself to monumental sculpture as well as the type of Kleinkunst which is represented by the medal - one can mention her portraits of the late king of Sweden,Gustavus VI Adolphus, and Henri Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross.
The new medal measures 70 mm and has been cast by H. Bergman Foundry, Stockholm.Description:
RAOUL WALLENBERG above, below en face his portrait (bust); to the left two set squares and a pair of compasses, alluding to Wallenberg's famous education as an architect, to the right a pen,his only weapon.
Reverse:A double barbed wire placed below a crossing row of Wallenberg's famous "protective (Swedish) passports",one of them turned so that the Swedish coat of arms, the Three Crowns, becomes visible; to the right a shining(gilt) star, a symbol of the Jews who had escaped.Signatures of the artist and the foundry on the edge.
Kerstin KJELLBERG JACOBSSON is an artist who possesses force as well as compassion.She devotes much thought and much work to what she wants to express in her art. It is certainly the reason why she has succeeded with this theme.

Lars O. LAGERQUIST Museum Director (retired)Hon. President of FIDEM (International Federation of Modern Art)
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